Ask autumn

Looking forward to the succession of the seasons. Spring, beautiful childhood pictures, summer, fiery passion of youth, autumn, touch of golden rice, winter, nostalgia life emotion. In the spring I suck sweet nectar, in the summer sun perspiration came down like raindrops. In late autumn, brewing a bit lonely, in the winter to touch the warmth of the sun. Hope in the world and anonymously, without leaving footprints, leaving no body, no song. With my clear, with my water had no trace, along with my freedom contented, with my fame. Hope had in mind for the expectations of the seed, germinate in spring, in summer wild growth, once in the fall bear golden fruit in winter, was also buried the ultimate glory. Ever remember not winter jasmine tender, was recorded not earth rises green barrier, was recorded not God gives grace lotion, ever remember not winter jasmine beautiful greeted the crowd with praise. Not for others, just for the winter jasmine flower is the messenger of spring! Ever remember not the clean white lotus, lotus lotus pond was written not a swaying in the wind, was written not a moon or full flower enchanting, had recorded no pool fish golden spring, not for others, just for the lotus is your pride!

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Can pretend not to love, how to forget the pain?

Thought, that is the happiness I want. Forget, happy back is bitter. Simple pay, thought there would return. So, I seriously in pay, but did not think, this time paying together with I lost. Think to pretend nothing happened, think out the associated memory, I can smile hundred. However, deliberately, inadvertently, have deep in my mind. Only one day out of accident so that I can lose memory, or the day I wake up you don't remember anything. In this way, no memory, no pain. I don't know how you have the heart to hurt me? I only want one to convince their reason. But all of a reason, as if from three thousand feet in the air crash, so gone with the wind, so empty, so long, let me feel fear and terrible, if can choose, I really hope that moment I fell to the ground, so it may have no such torture ... ... From the beginning, I know this is a play, the end, you may freely walk. You did not take into account the people will be injured, only using actors to help you finish the play, did not think of, in this scene, she always is a person in a one-man show. Only later did a lot of things to see, a lot of things that was not bitter, but she could not find the road. Some things, not pretend that nothing happened. In the DVD in my memory, I put it in the corner, one day you will pick up the pile of sad past. Can pretend not to love, the pain is forgotten? You cry, but he wasn't help you wipe away tears. You sad, but not to accompany him in your side. You fall, nor is he reached out to pick you up. Such a person, you still need? Remember what you said a word: a person at least take responsibility. When you put my trust, as lies; when you put my feelings, as a game, man, you have to talk to me about responsibility?

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The night will never end.

Ray crystal in the dark, embodies the very simple feelings, but that feeling too complex, the chill through the head on the window, one point one point spread... Mouth still hung faint smile, which is much and usually do not like flavor, is sad. Sad. Sad, why to see? Tears fall, and why the stubborn smile? A passing breeze, heart on a ripples, I slowly raised his head, tried to stop the pan to the heart 's feelings, perhaps this is just ... Just... Just in pain to struggle, I am helpless shook her head, tears have imperceptibly across, dropping ...

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