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Looking forward to the succession of the seasons. Spring, beautiful childhood pictures, summer, fiery passion of youth, autumn, touch of golden rice, winter, nostalgia life emotion. In the spring I suck sweet nectar, in the summer sun perspiration came down like raindrops. In late autumn, brewing a bit lonely, in the winter to touch the warmth of the sun. Hope in the world and anonymously, without leaving footprints, leaving no body, no song. With my clear, with my water had no trace, along with my freedom contented, with my fame. Hope had in mind for the expectations of the seed, germinate in spring, in summer wild growth, once in the fall bear golden fruit in winter, was also buried the ultimate glory. Ever remember not winter jasmine tender, was recorded not earth rises green barrier, was recorded not God gives grace lotion, ever remember not winter jasmine beautiful greeted the crowd with praise. Not for others, just for the winter jasmine flower is the messenger of spring! Ever remember not the clean white lotus, lotus lotus pond was written not a swaying in the wind, was written not a moon or full flower enchanting, had recorded no pool fish golden spring, not for others, just for the lotus is your pride!

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